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✓ Voting

Truly Anonymous

VoteID tickets are tallied in their encrypted form and are never decrypted. Your vote never leaves your device.

Mathematically sound

VoteID gives it's users a mathematical proof that voting took place. It's almost impossible to manipulate the votes which makes it perfect even for most important decisions.


VoteID doesn't have a single point of failure and can always connect users together when you need it the most.

Offline voting

We are working on enabling communication over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi when internet connection is unstable or unavailable. Some user experiences are best done completely offline.


Team decisions

Example: An e-sports team consisting of 5 players can vote on sensitive subjects, for example who should leave the team, without destroying friendships.

Quick surveys

VoteID works perfectly for small decision making, for example which movie you should watch next with your friends. Just open the app, scan the QR code and put your vote in.

Business use

Our app can be used for board-level decisions within a company to remove any bias. Also very useful to get a quorum during an undecisive zoom call.


(Q1 2021)

  • First version release
  • Release the free version of the app on both App Store and Play Store. Consider alternative marketplaces.

(Q3 2021)

  • Document Signing
  • Sign documents quickly and easily using your identity and store them privately on a decentralized network. Useful for signing contracts on the go.

(Q2 2022)

  • Mass elections
  • We are working hard to bring our system to the masses and enable our users to hold large elections and surveys at scale.

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